Sunday, January 30, 2011

my new BLACK.. but still i miss my late BLACK.. (T_T)

Assalamualaikum & hello everyone..
i feel like writing in English today..
well today i'd like to share a story with you guys out there..
it's about a cat that i named BLACK..
why i named him BLACK?
because i found him at the place where i used to fed my late BLACK..
R.I.P. my dearest BLACK..
if you didn't know who black is, you can click HERE & HERE...

for those who doesn't understand Malay, let me brief you a bit about my late BLACK..
he's a fully black coat cat (now you know why i named him BLACK), very friendly, very charming..
he was always there at the walkway along the Klang River near the Daya Bumi complex in the middle of Kuala Lumpur..
i've seen foreigners who was resting under a tree there taking pictures with him as if he was the ambassador of that walkway..
that really make me smile..
just to see how a cat can entertain a tired foreigner.. how a cat can welcomes a foreigner more than we, humans can..

he makes me fall in love with him..
and i started to fed him & hangout with him during lunch hour..
every time he heard me calling him, he'll came running towards me..
but now, he's not there anymore..
he's nowhere to be found.. i've been waiting for him like weeks!
but still he didn't came back.. at that time, i'm just hoping the best for him..
i was thinking maybe he find a new place more safer to stay..
where there were many foods he can eat..
or maybe he found someone who can take care of him..
give him all the love he deserves..
so i just stay with all these positive thoughts & continue with my life..
with some new cats at the same place where i used to fed BLACK..
but it's just not the same..
the friendliness.. the welcoming.. it's just different..
BLACK was very special..

one day, while i was feeding the cats there, an uncle who was the janitor for that area greets me..
he told me there was another lady who always fed these cats early morning..
i was so glad to hear that..
i remembered about BLACK, and i ask the janitor about him..
and he told me the sad news..
he said that BLACK was dead for a long time already..
i ask him how did BLACK died? was he been hit by a car? or been bitten by a stray dog? or being abused by stupid disgusting people?
he said he didn't know.. when he saw BLACK's body, it was already harden..
and in the middle of KL, the easiest way to dispose his body was to throw it into the Klang River..
at least the janitor didn't leave BLACK there to rot..
i was so overwhelmed with the news but i held my tears..
i was so sad.. he was the first cat that really makes me feel happy here in KL.
far from all my cats in Kedah..

when i reach to my office, i burst into tears.. 
it really hurt me to know that he's dead.. but i have to accept..
nothing will happen if it's not for the best..
Allah is always fair..
that's why he took away BLACK, and HE gifts me my new BLACK..

R.I.P my dearest BLACK.. i will always remember you..
one more thing... i never told you before, but now i'm going to say it out loud...

P/S>> this was supposed to be a happy entry, but it turns out the other way i guess.. i'll make another entry for my new BLACK with a smile next time ok guys?

~Tabung FurKids~