Friday, January 25, 2013

stain on your lips? MUACKS! (─‿‿─)

im super crazy about this one lipstick thing.
people who know me knows that im not really into this make up thingy very much.
but last Wednesday i followed my colleague to the Watson in Pasar Seni..
and i fell in LOVE!

yesss.... im so totally in love with the

like seriously... who will not fall for the beautiful colors of the lip stain.
the chubby crayon look-a-like.
oh my.. oh my..
and here i present to you....
the beautiful colors from the 
Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain
(drum roll pleaseeeeeeeeee)

♪♪♪ Got me lookin so crazy right now
Your love's got me lookin so crazy right now
(your love)
Got me lookin so crazy right now your touch's
Got me lookin so crazy right now
(your touch)
Got me hoping you page me right now your kiss's
Got me hoping you save me right now
Lookin so crazy your love's got me lookin

Got me lookin so crazy your love ♪♪♪
(over kan? hahaha)
now do you feel the love that i'm feeling right now?
the colors are super awesome but the best thing about this lip-stain is you don't feel like you're wearing anything on your lips..
 it stays on wayyyy more longer than any regular lipstick!
i will be one of the proud owner of this lip-stain TODAY!
yes.. am going to buy it TODAY!!!!!!
cant wait for lunch hour..
please come soon....

~Tabung FurKids~