Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Paper Craft

assalamualaikum & hello everybody!
im sure some of you guys know what i mean by papercraft..

'Papercraft is a form of cutting & crafting in which paper is used to create three dimensional objects such as models or sculptures. Some people refer to papercraft as pepakura, in an homage to the large Japanese papercrafting community. Papercraft can be large or small, humble or ambitious, and it is incredibly varied. It is also easy to learn, and the Internet has greatly facilitated the exchange of papercraft designs and patterns. In addition, many Internet forums provide useful tips for budding papercrafters who may be struggling with their work.' - WISEGEEK

i know about paper craft from a colleague and started this craft with sources from CUBEECRAFT
the best thing about this kind of craft is you can download it for FREE!!!!!!!

i know... no one can resist free stuff right? :P
just try it once, and I'm quite sure you can't stop downloading... 

here are some of the figure that I've completed..

click to ENLARGE
this dino is my new year 2013 calendar... 
nice huh?

u can get the template HERE..


p/s>> starting today, Tuesday is going to be my English Language day.. one way for me to improve my writing in english at least. and PLEASE do correct me if i wrote anything wrong...

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