Wednesday, September 29, 2010

a lil' brief about myself...

firstly, assalamualaikum....... =)
nama panggilan bella @ ila... im 23 years old (5 september)... im a simple girl with an attitude..
hehe.. tp jgn risau, attitude 2 bertempat ok?
ermm.. ape lagi nk cter eh...
aku anak ke-3 dr 4 bradik.. aku ada 2 abg n sorg adik prempuan..
my mom & dad da pencen..
now diorg dok rumah je, bela ayam & kucg dan bercucuk tanam..
im a draughtperson kat pjbt tnh.. baru je keje sni (disember 2009)..
im totally flamingly in love with a guy that changes the way i think of myself..
never get bored looking at his face... hearing his voice is so soothing..
he's my special someone.... and i thank Allah 2 send him to me....
one more thing.. im an animal lover... n im a CAT MANIAC!!

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